Thursday, 24 January 2013

some more tips on being less wasteful and more money saving

Often trendy clothes in stores nowadays are more funky, customised, grungey, "cool" looking, you can easily add these qualities to your own old clothes or second hand cheap clothes. Recently i've been seeing many studded clothes as the grungey look has been very fashionable lately. Have a search for some furniture in your home or in second hand furniture stores and see if you can find ones with studs stuck to them and simply peel the studs off and stick them onto a piece of clothing. If you want different kinds of accessories similar to studs on your clothes you could also use beads, pins and just bend the backs of them, safety pins, small squares of glass for example pull them off of mini disco balls, often mini disco balls are used for room decoration or to hang on christmas trees. You might also find spike studs on punky jewellery and then just sew them onto the clothes if the studs have holes in them. Normal pyramid studs can also be found on punky wrist bands or most commonly on punky belts. Pyramid studs are great for attaching to clothing as they can be pinned onto the clothing and the ends can be bent inwards therefore no need for sewing or gluing and they don't fall off easily and they can be taken off again and re used on something else again. 

If you want to create the perfect trendy summer shorts, here's how:

-get a pair of vintage Levi Strauss heigh waist denim shorts, these can be found in charity shops or special vintage stores such as ones in a great shopping area called Bricklane in london, or of course online however these shorts are very difficult to get the right size as they are heigh waist therefore the waist is smaller than the bottom and people have different body shapes so dont just go for your normal size, try a few different pairs on trust me it takes a while to find the perfect fit ones.

- then shatter the ends of the shorts with a pair of scissors by running the scissor's side along the edges of the shorts to create a thrilly shattered worn out effect.

- if you want them to look reallyyy summery then you can highlight the ends of them by dipping them in a bowl of bleach to bleach the denim to a whiter colour. If you want them to look more casual and everyday then don't do this.

- then if you want to add that trendy grunge look to them then attach some pyramid studs to the pocket areas of the shorts at the front and back or just at the back or just at the front depending on what you prefer.

- finally a nice casual black or brown belt with them will make them really stand out.

If you're wondering about how to style these shorts out here are some ideas:

- with a loose white casual tshirt/shirt slightly tucked into them but also hanging out, some cowboyish brown boots, a long loose casual necklace, various summery string bracelets and a brown or black fringe side bag.

- with a tight black crop top, slightly opaque black tights and black military boots or black thick flatforms or creepers.


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  1. That's actually a geat idea with bleaching the ends. We can even try these with different jobs, or jeans for that matter. Pretty cool suggestion. (Y)