Wednesday, 23 January 2013

-My pencil drawing of famous Surrealist artist Salvador Dali.
I've always been interested and inspired by the art movement and style of Surrealism. I think if someone has a talent in art and a wide imagination, someone who dreams all the time, has the ability to create outstanding out of this world Surreal art pieces. I've never been satisfied with the way life is, not many people are. Although i enjoy creating Surreal paintings, i personally think creating Surreal photographs is far stronger as you can create an image which looks real however is bizarre and unfamiliar because of the montage of different images together creating an imaginary world; a constructed reality. Here is a Surreal photo montage i created,
I painted it for my AS final exam piece. I was exploring themes of entrapment and contemplation/dreams. I got the inspiration to cover the girl in this image in a liquid that bubbles are formed from, from looking at various artisits work who used the theme of entrapment and one artist i saw took photos of fashion models inside large glass bubbles floating in the sky or on water. The multi coloured glossy mirage like liquid of bubbles also creates connotations of dreams as dreams are often seen as blurry and beautiful like often shown in films. The liquid she is coverd in represents that she is trapped in her dreams as she looks down onto the ground as though in contemplation/day dream. The hands trying to free themselves from the ground represent how she wishes to free herself from every day mundane life through her dreams hence which is why they are also coverd in bubble liquid.

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