Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I'm also interested in the film and music industry. Here is a an indie music video me and my group created for media A2. The video narrates a boy and girl's problematic relationship as he calls her "silver tongued" which means he thinks she plays around with him, she doesn't speak the truth and tries to get her way. It was filmed in the well known area South Bank in London and took about one or two weeks to film. The editing was done on a software called final cut pro on a mac computer. This software is really good, much better than imovie, it has many transitions and effects to choose from, colours of the shots can adjusted, the audio can be seperated from the film or added onto the film and the film's tempo can be made faster or slower. I'm planning to one day use it to create a music video for my own songs as i have written many of my own lyrics and want to sing them.  

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