Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Helping the environment

Betrayal by Mario Sanchez Nevado. This powerful image depicts what im going to be discussing in this entry. Mother nature vs mankind.

I tend to express my concerns, views, feelings and beliefs in my art work. I've always cared a lot about the environment and animals and especially recently i've been feeling quite anxious about how our world is changing. We hear all the time about global warming, economic crisis, pollution, new diseases, non renewable materials running out...yet our society does so little to help stop or atleast decrease all of these issues, one would rather carry on walking and getting on with the personal problems in their lives rather then work together to make the world a better, healthier and safer place for the future generations to live in. All these unneccisary technologies being produced and sold. Of course, dont get me wrong, new technologies and inventions are a way of stretching possibilities, trying to enhance our way of life and spur on new ideas and inventions so that mankind and society can carry on evolving to a more futuristic modern future, however beautiful animals who are just as important as humans as they too are living creatures and were created to live on earth, are in danger because of our lack of thought and action on what we do to the waste being created. I'm also a graphics student and although that subject associates a lot with use of materials, manufacturing, promotion and selling, in our lessons we focuss most of all on trying to design and manufacture products which are more environmentally friendly. To do this the key things to take into consideration are Reusing, Rethinking, Repairing, Recycling, Reducing and Refusing.  The next time you are thinking about buying something new for example a new trendy item of clothing, RETHINK, look at an image of that item you wish to have (which is probably pretty expensive since its on trend) and go through your wardrobe, there must be something you can find in there that could be REUSED and made into the trendy item of clothing by using some extra cheap materials bought at a materials store or in a charity shop and a sewing machine. this not only would save you money and be more sustainable therefore reducing the amount of waste, but it also gives you a more unique item of clothing that only you have rather than hundreds of other people on the street wearing the exact same trendy item of clothing from the same shop and brand.  I remember one time i really wanted a fashionable green parka coat with a fur lined hood but of course they were so expensive! so i found an old green long rain coat in my house and a disgusting old coat with a fur lined hood, i unattached the fur from that coat i didnt want and i attached it to the green raincoat with some thread and buttons i wripped off of an old shirt and sewed onto the coat so that i could attach the fur onto the coat with buttons and i made my very own parka coat.   

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