Tuesday, 12 February 2013

my media Band's digipak faces i designed

my media Band's digipak faces i designed

This is the cover

This is the back of the digipak with a list of song names which are in the album. We chose this photo which is also our own as it is calm and goes with the representation of the band and their music being down to earth as this is a photo of nature. The cool and warm sky has connotations of goodness which also goes well with the band and music as being down to earth and nature is associated with goodness.    
Band photo. From carried our research, many indie bands had an image of their band members together in their digipak. This helps the viewer interpret them as a band and see how they look and behave together and their relationship. Band photos usually show the members close together and relaxed showing they have a close strong relationship and  promoting them to the audience to gather fans who like their style. So we put in a photo of our band together in a laid back and confident pose. the photo has a sepia effect on it which creates a vintage feel. vintage hues are often used on group and friendship photos making them look aged as it shows they were together for a long time. The indie style also links with the vintage style slightly as Vintage clothes are often reused which helps the environment and goes against modern day mass consumerism of unnecessary new things therefore links with nature and goodness.    

Abstract creative typical indie image. We decided to use this as from carried out research we saw that the indie style linked with certain symbols and imagery of nature on image websites such as google and weheartit.com. in indie style clothing this symbol is also often used on the tshirts graphics and its used in indie jewellery and sometimes indie music videos. it was used in the music artist kesha's music video however her music comes under the genre of pop more, however the style of clothing and the style of her music videos are often slightly indie with the use of safari desserts, animals and feather clothing.   
Separate band member photos. We were inspired to photoshop them is this way with different coloured backgrounds similarly to the way indie rock band 'Blur' did theirs shown above on the left of this photo.  we thought this was quite quirky and suited the way we used coloured hues in our instrument shots in our music video which was inspired by indie band 'two door cinema club's' - something good can work' video which used different coloured walls in the background. from our audience research we found out that the vast majority of people who liked the indie style said their personalities were mostly creative, laid back and liked to have fun.

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