Tuesday, 12 February 2013

designing cover for my media band's album

my media groups possible album cover my developing and construction on photoshop

This was our first cover design i designed. we thought it looked down to earth and creative. from looking at existing indie album covers we saw that many were nature themed, having wolves as they howl at the moon therefore also associate with music and are mysterious and cold, the girl playing on the guitar shows she is enjoying the wolf's howling and that she is really down to earth. However we then decided not to use her as the audience may be mislead by assuming she is the main artist or a band member, but she isn't, the image is abstract. 

So when we removed the girl we were left with this and added the band name and the album name. However this design we figured was too spacious because of the composition of the wolf in the corner, but we couldn't move the wolf because then the  lake and the moonlight would not be visible and the image would not look as strong. we looked at the compositions of existing indie covers images and nearly all of them had filled most of the frame and weren't too spacious.   
So we then thought of filling the cover more with another image. We weren't sure what other image to use that would go well with the wolf so we used an image of the band as many covers show the band members to promote them more obviously and so that the audience can identify that the album belongs to that band quicker and more easily. To still  show the background we outlined the band's bodies creating a sense of connect the dots with the stars in the sky. we then changed the band name and album name's font as the previous one was too thick, we wanted a more mature elegant font as the songs are meaningful and the music is quite emotional. 

We developed the design further making it more subtle and soft with the band image more blended into the sky mysteriously and delicately but also allowing the audience to see the band's features.

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